Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back from Stockholm+Copenhagen. Such an amazing experience- best holiday of my life. The cities were beautiful, especially Stockholm- it's so gorgeous and quiet, so peaceful and yet so lively and interesting, so organized, so efficient.. I was amazed by how all seemed to work there, especially compared with Italy, the beautiful decadent country where all is neglected and nothing works in the right way. This 10 days really changed my life: I came back home and I felt like nothing belonged to me anymore- my house, my habits, my family, my computer, my wardrobe.. All is very distant now, and I can't help imagining myself only in Copenhagen or Stockholm. It was like living a dream: during the day we visited the city, went to museums, strolled around, relaxed in beautiful parks, and in the evening we went out to enjoy some nightlife and meet new people. There were some really magic moments during the day, I especially enjoyed the happy hour, when we sat on the sofas of the veranda, drank beer and talked about what we did. And the evenings spent on the little hill in front of our hostel, singing Bob Dylan and smoking horrible danish cigarettes. I loved this holiday: ten carefree days in which I got to do anything I wanted whenever I wanted, I got to know new people from all over the world, I learnt about a totally different culture and I also deepened my knowledge of the friends I was there with- at the beginning of the holiday we were already friends, of course, but in a very "kind" and "controlled" way. At the end we talked nonstop, we made fun of each other etc. It was fantastic and I really miss it, especially now that I find myself in a boring city with very little to do and to see. But my parents are going on holiday very soon and they're leaving me alone for two weeks, thanks god, so at least I won't be stressed out. In September I'm starting university and I'm moving to Venice, I'll be studying Russian and French and I literally can't wait! Many changes in the near future, and I'm definitely happy about them.

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