Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'd like to map your body out

inch by inch

north to south

and I'm free to circumnavigation

I've got this song on my mind. It's from Quicken the heart, last album by Maximo Park.. well it sounds a bit slutty, but I'll turn a blind eye on this.. everything for Paul Smith! can't wait to see them nex wednesday in Milan.

I have no clue why i'm writing in English-i'm making lots and lots of mistakes, for sure, but at least it's a way to improve my writing skills.. and I love English.
Well, nobody is gonna read my posts so I shouldn't care!

These days are hell at school.. We're overwhelmed by tests and pages to study. The end of the year is close, and my holidays depend on these fucking tests.. chemistry, mainly. I actually hate it.. Well the subject itself isn't so bad, but I can't stand the fact that I'm not good at it. And I end up not studying it.. which is bad, above all because I run the risk of having to study it all summer! it'd be awful!

Apart from this school schizofrenia, all is..well, not great at all. My mom is mad at me for this chemistry thing, I haven't gone out since last saturday night and the thought of the ex is torturing me.. Well i'm torturing myself with it. The fact is that I still haven't found someone able to replace him.. Not in the sense that I need a boyfriend. What I mean is that I haven't met yet a person I really like. Being with him was always great: no matter what we did, it was always fun. And talking with him was a pleasure I can't explain.. He was really delighting, the kind of person you can't hate. I adored spending time with him, chatting and listening to him. He wasn't perfect, but he was different from the others. And when he writes to me on msn, or when I stumble across him on the street, I feel strange. I'm happy, talking to him actually makes me happy. But all has ended last summer, and I think I should give up.

Miser Catulle, desinas ineptire

et quod vides perisse perditum ducas.

Fulsere quondam candidi tibi soles..

I'm off to study some chemistry.. Hope to survive tomorrow!