Sunday, October 30, 2011 created these lovely ouftits. I would totally wear them!

Finally, after weeks of no internet access, I'm back to blogging! About my "new" life, which doesn't mean that my existence has been turned upside down and that I'm a totally different person, but that there have been some significant changes in my life: first of all, the background of all my days and nights! Venice has been a great city to live in: it's so beautiful and decadent that, even when you're having a bad day, it never fails to cheer you up; moreover, I'm really digging the atmosphere in the new house, living with my flatmates, watching tv together, cooking, etc.. I'm loving my lessons, too, and I'm satisfied with my choices- sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I had chosen something like art, cinema or fashion- fields I've always felt attracted to- but learning new languages is a wonderful and stimulating thing, particularly when you study them as a beginner, and it doesn't exclude culture, arts, or cinema. On the opposite, my professors are very keen on that aspect: they often show or recommend us films, artists etc. I recently found out that my Czech professor listens to Pearl Jam and Rage against the machine! Haha, isn't that cool? Also, I love my family but living on my own is great: it's way less stressful because you get to do things when you want, without having to respect other people's schedules. The only thing I'm missing is a part time job... I really, really would like to earn some money. At the age of 19, it seems... appropriate. Having said that, I'm really missing my friends (my family too, but since my sister is in NY and my mom has come visiting me here..), I can't wait to see them again and catch up!
Expect other posts soon, I really missed my blog and I think I'm not going to neglect it anymore.