Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Veselé Vánoce!

A little late but... Merry Christmas to all! I wasn't feeling very festive this year, but still, I can't deny the charm of Christmas. Not the day itself, which is mostly spent filling our tummies till we explode and chatting with relatives we had forgotten to have. No, this is not what I call "Christmas magic". But the whole family reunited, the candy, spending quality time with people you love, being reminded of how lucky you are to be surrounded by such wonderful people... I don't understand the reason behind the hatred towards Christmas. A lot of people I know only complain about it and say it's just an excuse to be hypocrite and fake, but I don't agree- even though I don't attach to it a religious meaning, I think it's cool that, around the world, people take one day to gather and just be merry. Still, I can't help thinking about the people who can't do all this; recently, I happened to think about the matter several times. Isn't to help each other the only way to make our lives meaningful? Most of the times, happiness is about giving, helping, taking care. You are happy because you love, and love is definitely about giving, wether it's to a partner or to a relative or a friend. We are happy because we feel useful, powerful: we have a reason to work on ourselves- we want to donate the best of us to our loved ones. We want to protect them. A job can be a source of happiness, but it's rarely durable if it's just personal gratification... But how great is to realize that we accomplished something that will help other people? Wether we are talking about a new vaccine or a book translation, I think it's empowering.