Monday, August 24, 2009

Cant get away from the moment

I am spending lovely evenings with my BFF; we are watching these films we have been wanting to watch for ages, like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Fight club, Mystic River. I usually prefer dramatic movies, but I have recently found out that I love thrillers, noirs and.. Tarantinos movies :D I thought they were too much violent, but this was just a prejudice. We are eating loads of ice-cream, too, and often going for bike rides. I love these evenings... but I am not so enthusiastic about daylife. I feel so lazy, spending hours doing absolutely nothing. Fortunately, school is starting on fourteenth of September. I know I will miss summer and hate school and dramas and teachers, but I am looking forward to a new start and new challenges. I want winter to come :D Or at least autumn. I hate summer weather, it gets too hot. I wanna wear thick sweaters, winter dresses, tights and scarves.. and I miss chatting over a cup of delicious hot chocolate. Now I am off to bed.. Its 3.08 PM.
Goodnight :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crisis in the middle of the night

And when I told her I didn't love her anymore

She cried

And when I told her of another girl that caught my eye

She cried

I know it's a question everyobdy has asked himself at least once in his life, but why isn't love endless? Why do things have to end, and most of the time in a horrible way? If two persons love each other, I don't understand how a strong feeling can disappear.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've just spent a great evening/night with my BFFs! We were hoping to see some shooting stars, but we weren't lucky enough. We sat on a blanket on the road, chatted, smoked, laughed and took loads of photos. Yes, we like to act like tramps :)
I love summer evenings, they're magic.
BTW, I was thinking about writing here in Italian. I started writing in English for several reasons: first of all, as most of the blogs I read are of foreigners, it'd be easier to communicate with them. Anybody would understand me. I'd improve my English. It'd be a challenge. But now I realized that nobody is reading or commenting what I write. Also, I was reading a blog I used to keep, in Italian of course, and I understood that I can't express many things in English. I can't go that far.. And I don't want to limitate my thoughts.
I still don't know, I'm undecided (as usual). Hope that a good night's sleep will help.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sorry for the amount of Placebo pictures (in this case Ville Valo+Brian Molko.. not that bad!), but i'm so EXCITED! Today we bought tickets, more than three months in advance. Can't wait! The gig is on 30th of November, in Milan.

Monday, August 10, 2009




Friday, August 7, 2009

01 Mood: Calm and positive.
02 Best thing about this weekend: Having a night out, finally!
03 Last movie I saw: Beauty and the beast: the enchanted Christmas. I'm serious! I forced my BFF to watch it with me.
04 What I'm watching: Second season of Greek and some episodes of Mental.
05 Make up lust: New mascara and Touche Eclat by YSL.
06 Listening to: La Roux, White Lies, Maximo Park.
07 Favourite recent purchase: H&M earrings.
08 What I'm looking forward to this week: nothing in particular.
09 I want: something to happen and the gorgeous See by Chloè boots above.
10 Aim for tomorrow: spend some quality time with my mother.


Girls and boys. and blogs. and girls writing blogs, and girls writing about girls. I've got nothing against boys, but lately blogs have been featuring mainly girls. Gorgeous, charming, ethereal girls... like Kaya Scodelario, I think she's amazing!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I loved the way the blog looked with the Brighton picture, but I suppose it's not a good reason for stopping to write. What happened? Well, Oxford completely faded. Now it's just me, my computer, second season of Greek, ice cream and pijamas. Sounds very exciting, doesn't it? Actually, tomorrow I'm going to Milan (thank God) with a bunch of friends too see an exhibition. It's called "Woodstock: the afterparty", it's about music mass meetings and how they influenced generations. I'm very curious about it.. But in actual fact, there's been something else on my mind lately. I've always had this problem: I tend to focus on other girls, I admire them, I envy them, I dream to be them, or at least like them, and I forget about me. I'm a dreamer, yes, and I often dream of myself. I dream of myself changed. Improved. But I don't act at all. I'd like to lose a few pounds, since I'm feeling unbalanced. I've always been skinny, but I've had some eating disorders and I still have some crisis, I still have problems with food. But the point is, my bust is very large compared to my legs, which are long and quite skinny. That's why I always wear loose tops with skinny jeans or shorts, to hide it. I want people to tell me I'm thin. They do.. But just because I cheat. And I really want to wear my old t-shirts, tank tops, tight dresses.. I do want to be fit, to feel ok. To button-up my cardigans. And I know I sound convinced but believe me, next to my computer, there's a crisp packet. Finished. And I had dinner, and I ate some chocolate. And yes, that's ordinary. But it shouldn't be. It's just that in this period I'm always at home, I'm always kind of bored and sad. And I don't feel motivated at all.. I feel I could become a whale and nobody would care. But this is not healthy at all, and I don't like myself. If I don't make efforts now that I'm 17, when will I learn? So yes, I've officially finished eating junk food. I will learn to control myself. I will eat healthy things, I will like my body.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A song to say goodbye

Leave me dreaming on the bed,
see you right back here tomorrow, for the next round.
Keep this scene inside your head,
as the bruises turn to yellow, and the swelling goes down.
And if you're ever around, in the city or the suburbs, of this town,
Be sure to come around, I'll be wallowing in sorrow,
wearing a frown, like pierrot the clown.
Saw you crashing 'round the bay,
never seen you act so shallow, or look so brown.
Remembered all the things you'd say, how your promises went hollow,
as you threw me to the ground.
And if you're ever around, in the backstreets or the alleys, of this town.
Be sure to come around, I'll be wallowing in pity,
wearing a frown, like pierrot the clown.
When i dream, i dream if your lips,
when i dream, i dream of your kiss,
when i dream, i dream of your fists,
your fists,your fists

Leave me bleeding on the bed,
see you right back here tomorrow, for the next round.
Keep this scene inside your head,
as the bruises turn to yellow, and the swelling goes down
And if you're ever around, in the city or the suburbs, of this town,
be sure to come around, I'll be wallowing in sorrow,
wearing a frown, like Pierrot the clown.
Oh god, it feels like centuries since I last wrote here!
Actually, it's been more than a month, which is not little at all. And what did I do?
Well, I made one of the best experiences in my life: I spent three, extraordinary weeks in Oxford with lots and lots of people from all over the world. I met wonderful people, I visited London, I experienced Brighton's incredible wind, I ate a huge chocolate donught, I made lots of stupid jokes with my mates, I sang lots of songs, I felt happy, I felt embarassed, I danced to horrendous songs and had a great time, I laughed, I caught an incredible amount of buses, I read a book in English, I shared secrets on a bus, I nearly cried after a phone call, I took plenty of photos, I shopped at Topshop, I felt I wanted to stay there, I climbed a hill in the night, I screamed in the park, I gathered with lots of people in the park just to secretely drink alcohol, I cheated on my age to drink a Long Island, I changed my mind about many people, I forgot I had another life in Italy, I ate cupcakes at Starbucks, I made friends, I added them on Facebook.
So yeah, lots of great memories. But it's over, and I'm sad about that but not disappointed. I'll never forget these three weeks, and I'm so happy I finally have my memories. I mean, something I don't share with my sister, or my friends. Something mine, something the others can't understand, it's just very precious.

And apart from that, Placebo in Milan in November! YAY! I'm so excited! Can't wait to buy tickets!