Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've just spent a great evening/night with my BFFs! We were hoping to see some shooting stars, but we weren't lucky enough. We sat on a blanket on the road, chatted, smoked, laughed and took loads of photos. Yes, we like to act like tramps :)
I love summer evenings, they're magic.
BTW, I was thinking about writing here in Italian. I started writing in English for several reasons: first of all, as most of the blogs I read are of foreigners, it'd be easier to communicate with them. Anybody would understand me. I'd improve my English. It'd be a challenge. But now I realized that nobody is reading or commenting what I write. Also, I was reading a blog I used to keep, in Italian of course, and I understood that I can't express many things in English. I can't go that far.. And I don't want to limitate my thoughts.
I still don't know, I'm undecided (as usual). Hope that a good night's sleep will help.


  1. Blogging in English must be a great way to practice. You have me fooled, I assumed you were fluent!