Saturday, September 12, 2009

Parents, oh parents.

Yesterday I spent a great evening with some friends met some days ago. It's amazing when you find yourself at ease with people you've just met! We went to a concert, which was supposed to be set on the beach but, unfortunately, due to the rain, they had to move it into a pub. This means few people, lots of noise and people sweating.. but I had a great time! After the gig we stopped on the road to eat something, and chatted a bit.. well, a lot! My parents didn't like the fact that I came home at 3 AM at all. I hope they'll allow me to go out with them again, because there's no point in forbidding me to do it.. I mean, they're all great guys, I don't understand my parents. They were mad at me, but why?! I came home safe, not drunk or something. There's nothing bad in staying out late if you're with your friends! Moreover, they're kind and responsable; the guys who had to drive drank tea and even refused to taste the beer the others were drinking. I don't know what my parents think we did, but they should trust me. Hope they'll change their minds about it, because I'm so happy we met some new people and went out a bit, instead of doing the same things.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Even an end has a start.

Everytime I decide to go to bed, one of my favourite videoclips starts on Mtv. Damn! Tomorrow I'll feel like crap, but it doesn't matter. I'm excited because I'm meeting the friends I made in Oxford, in July! I didn't believe them when they told me they had decided to come to Milan, I felt so happy :) I'm looking forward to see Giulia again, a girl I met there. At first we didn't talk that much, but I happened to be in class with her, and we became great friends. She's a wonderful person, and we're totally on the same wavelenght!
Apart from that, I'm quite enjoying these last days of summer. Going to the movies, reading Edgar Allan Poe, going to gigs, going to bed late, going to the disco and act like a fool. It's almost better than the whole summer. Proably because we don't actually enjoy something until we know it's ending and can't waste it anymore.