Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing as long as university is concerned. I mean, I'm extremely excited about studying Russian and French, since I love learning new languages, they have always been my favourite subjects at school and I find these two particularly interesting (actually, I've been studying French for a lot of years and I love all about it, from to the pronunciation to the grammar to literature etc). Nevertheless, I have a not-so-secret passion for fashion, and when I think of my dream job I see myself working for Vogue. Stupid much? The fact is that I often find myself reading, thinking and speaking about fashion and, in my spare time, a lot of things I do are fashion related. I swear I'm not the typical girl who claims to love fashion and then you discover she just loves going shopping, 2.55 bags, Miu Miu and Sophie Kinsella. I'm truly charmed by it and would love to study history of fashion (and not only), not to become a stylist or a designer- I'm surely not gifted to do it- but maybe to, one day, work as an intern in a fashion magazine. I'm undoubtedly not an expert: there are billions of people the same age who know a lot more about fashion than me; but I'm genuinely interested. I can talk nonstop about my favourite designers and I browse street style sites for hours. Nevertheless, I don't wanna give up my passion for languages, and if I don't study them at university it's hardly possible that I'm ever going to learn them, not to speak of literature. I don't mean to say that fashion is easier; if one wants a particular qualification and has a precise idea of what he wants to do, he has to prepare himself and study. But what would I do with a degree at Marangoni (extremely expensive university in Milan- it's just an example)? So, all in all, I think I'm doing the right thing- I can still be interested about fashion even if I study a totally different thing. And who knows, maybe I'll end up working at Vogue Russia... or, better, at Vogue Paris: everyday I'll go to work on foot walking alone the Seine, I'll have lunch at Les deux magots and, after work, I'll stop off at Shakespeare&co and then I'll have an apéritif with my fabolous colleagues, after which we'll go together to the opening night at the Opéra. La dolce vita...

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  1. You can study languages and go on to work at Vogue if you want! You don't need to have a fashion related degree to work in the industry. And having a few languages under your belt is surely an incredible way of broadening your horizons and being able to work in different cities around the world (and in fashion if that's what you want.)