Monday, June 15, 2009

Well, holidays have actually started. And I already had some great times: last friday @Magnolia, dancing all night to Kele's music (YES! Bloc Party's vocalist!), saturday night at Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti's gig-they were great!- but I also spent some lovely afternoons with my mother. However, I feel the sensation I was talking about last time.. Wasting time. I'm probably a bit paranoid, but still quite realistic. Should I "work" at my dad's office? He asked me to do some simple things, things that I did last year and sort of hated.. I mean, I'm talking about lots of paper documents and stuff like this to deal with. Boredom. I'd better find something better to do.. I'd enjoy being a volunteer somewhere, but it seems that there's nothing to do, even for free!
Anyway, I'm off to an ice cream with friends. Isn't there something better in summer evenings? and isn't Ali Michael stunning?
Pictures from Altamira Nyc and Tfs.

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