Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dreaming about the perfect summer

mhm. This was supposed to be a fashion blog, but it turned out to be a sort of diary.
Anyway! Today nothing happened. Really, nothing! I stayed home and watched a film (Good girl, with Jennifer Aniston and the usual Jake Something), dedicated myself to crosswords and videoclips and blogs and ice cream. Exciting, eh?
I'd better plan something to do tomorrow or I'll kill myself! I love these lazy days during the year, but in the summer.. Well, I basically hate summer. I don't really see many advantages.. Yes, no school. Yes, holidays and trips abroad. And then? Horrible weather, people sweating, laziness, boredom, lots of things you'd like to do but you end up not doing them because of the laziness, the weather, the fact that all the ordinary actions are more tiring in the summer. I love the idea of summer in certain places, yes. I love the idea of Allie's summer (, but not mine. I love the idea of lying on the beach, with the wind in my long, salty hair, taking gorgeous pictures. But my summer consists in spending a lot of time alone, in my horrible town (I swear, it's horrible. It's small and not nice at all. Moreover, I live on the outskirts and you run the risk of dying everytime you try to cross the road- too many cars!), doing nothing.

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