Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There's explosions in the sky

Well, the title is referring both to Explosions in the sky (check their songs, their music is amazing!) and Placebo, a band I'll always love. Brian Molko's voice, the atmosphere their songs create, their delicacy, they're all elements which make you fall in love with them. Je suis tombée amoureuse de eux !
I'm dying to see them live, but unfortunately their only italian gig this summer is in July, when I'll be in Oxford. Basically in three weeks I'll be in England, surrounded by strangers, staying in a family which I don't know at all, in a foreign city, in a foreing country. Weird? Frightening? YES. But I'm looking forward to it, both because it's an experience I won't forget, I'm sure, and because for me it's a sort of challenge with myself. I've always been kind of shy, let's see if I can get rid of this aspect! I mean, I will always be, but you can't make new friends if you're always on your own. So I guess I'll have to make an effort!

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