Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The beautiful Ali Michael in Lula mag
I'm officially on holiday! I don' like Easter much, Christmas is way better -and I don't even believe in God (ok, so why am I writing it with the capital letter? it feels weird), but I love how we spend it. My family is quite small, it's just me, my sister and my parents, but every Easter we go to the same restaurant with some friends of my parents' and their relatives, and I really enjoy it. It's a good feeling, to spend a day with people who are happy to do it. I miss my granparents, and staying with them makes me feel better about it. There's a bunch of old ladies who're always so nice to me and my sister, they always compliment our outfits and chat about anything.. The only drawback is that we eat as monsters! We go to the restaurant at around 1pm and go out at 5pm, exhausted.
Today was lovely: the weather was wonderful, at school the physics teacher decided not to test us and in the afternoon I went out with my best friend, drank a delicious milkshake and helped her grandma with the shopping. And now its's 7pm and the sky is still bright, tonight I'm seeing my friends and yes, today I think positive.

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