Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's that time of the year, again. This weekend felt incredibly summer-y: the weather has been fabulous and I swear, no clouds in the sky. I bought tickets for Paolo Nutini's gig in July! I can't wait to see him, two months seem so long.. I went out yesterday andAggiungi immagine had a great time: Italy's soccer team won the Champions League, and although neither my friends nor I are keen on soccer, we pretended we did and acted like fools all evening, crying and laughing so hard from the car. People were crazy! They ran across the town waving flags, sang together and smiled all the time. Nevertheless, I'm not feeling that great. I can't help it, my mood is always horrible in this period of the year: everyone is happy, everyone is in love, everyone is fit, everyone has fun- and I feel lonely and ugly. Everything is in bloom apart from myself.

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