Friday, November 30, 2012

Tips to master dressing up during the cold season

Featuring mostly Sessun F/W '12 collection.
Dressing in the winter can be confusing. As for me, sometimes I quickly get dress, go out, do things, catch a glimpse of myself in a window and... scream in horror! Well, okay, I sort of scream inside myself, but... I admit it happens. Most of the time, it's because I chose a total black outfit: black double-breasted coat, black tapered trousers, black oxfords, random bag, grey scarf. I may feel like a French existentialist, or a Rick Owens-Yoji Yamamoto minimalist, but instead I just feel and look... miserable!
I like my coat. It's black, double-breasted, above-the-knee lenght and it has a beautiful collar covered with some leather on the back. I feel good in it. Before buying this coat, I used to be for shorter ones, but let's face it: it's so annoying to have to adjust your outfit depending on the lenght of your coat. You put on a skirt, you like the look, put on your coat to go out and... Help! The coat is shorter than the skirt and the result is... weird. So yes, having an easy-to-match coat to throw over anything is a good start point. When you have this, you can buy any fancy coat you want... And wear them on special occasions, or when you feel like it. It's very difficult not to feel fed up with a patterned coat, if worn every day.

But as I said before, not even the perfect everyday coat alone can be the solution. I found that I feel good if I wear colours. Not necessarily bright colours (I own a red Longchamps bag that I use for uni, and that's it), but any colour: navy, burgundy, beige, jeans... I like the total black, but only if I include interesting fabrics and cuts. I like wearing my black silk sheer shirt with my black trapeze skirt, and I often finish it off with ribbed tights and patent leather shoes.

So, to spice things up, starting from these inspirational pictures I will try to include in my oufits:
  • Converse All Star. I used to wear them as a child/girl, but I just bought a navy pair and I'm excited! After years of serious shoes, they're a breath of fresh air, and perfect with cropped jeans. Just don't wear them when it's snowing...
  • Patterned pants. I still haven't found the perfect pair, but I love them! When you wear a coat for most part of the day, it's a great idea to focus on the legs. Match them with your shoes and, if you feel audacious, wear crazy printed socks.
  • Collars! I know there's a collar craze around, and I'm not totally into it- I don't like them wore on nude skin, and I loathe both the extremely embellished versions and the mormon ones... But a nice collar can really change a dull outfit. Choose a (slightly) studded one, a round one... Or just wear a nice shirt under a sweater or dress. A collar popping out of them adds an interesting touch to your outfit, istantly making it smarter or girlier, depending on its style.
  • Nice boots! How can you not have a nice pair of boots in winter? Choose a good pair, and keep it for several seasons. For me, the quintessential boots are brown, under the knee and made of leather, but... just find your pair and fall in love! 
  • A nice woolen blazer. When a sweater looks too casual, a blazer will do. You won't need to change yourself head to toe or to wear a pencil skirt... You'll just throw your blazer over your shirt/blouse/pullover and you'll instanly feel smarter.
  • Shoes that can be worn when it's raining. I'm thinking of rubber Chelsea boots... Maybe with some (fake) fur inside? So cozy!
  • Corduroy pants. They're the epitome of winter. Worn with winter boots during the day and some ankle boots for going out, they're warm, cozy and just look good. Mustard ones go well with a blue jumper, whereas if you wear a burdundy pair (as seen on a lot of people this winter!), choose a light coloured pullover to brighten them up.
  • Grey ribbed tights. Burgundy tights. Mustard tights. Navy tights. Polka-dotted tights. Striped ones (vertical ones, please). Even optical ones if you like the Sixties... Play with colours and patterns and have fun while staying warm!

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