Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday season...with a Russian twist!

The holiday season is approaching very fast, with its pros and cons. Who am I trying to fool? Where are the cons of staying at home, watching piles of dvds, spending time with your family and eating lots and lots of chocolate? I know, I know. But when it comes to Christmas and New Year's Eve parties, fashion nightmares are always at the door! I shiver at the thought of black, too-tight sequined dresses on every single woman, not to mention the overdone make-up (hi glittery eye-shadow!) and cheap heels with enormous plateaux.
I must confess... I'm not good at dressing myself for the holidays, either. I don't mind spending some money on clothes that I know I'll wear, but when it comes to dresses that I will wear twice a year I say to myself that it's not worth. Last year, in late December, I bought a nice Acne purple dress. I wore it on New Year's Eve, and then never again. Why? I found it very difficult to accessorize it! I always pair it with black garments, and the overall result looks a bit dull and depressive. Maybe I should go for some sparkle... but I'm really not that type of girl!
If you're like me, I swear: we have still chances to dress Christmass-y. Instead of focusing on swarowski and paillettes, go for a velvet dress: it's classy, season appropriate and, if it's red, burgundy or dark green, it screams winter holidays! I saw this Carven dress last week, and I couldn't stop gazing. It's merveilleux. It has a very nice cut, not boring at all, it's made of very soft velvet, the colour is perfect (not the red you are sick of after two days) and the small cut in the middle makes up fot the very tight collar. Since I rarely wear colours, I decided to opt for an unusual choice and paired it with these very fun heels, also by Carven. I love their retro vibe, that ribbon and the fact that, although they haven't a huge platform (thank god there is still someone out there who's not into platforms), they don't look dated at all.
To celebrate my love for Russia and to incorporate an ironic detail, I chose this little gem, a Matrioska clutch by Charlotte Olympia. Isn't it the cutest thing?
To top it off, Gaia Repossi earrings: they're baroque enough for the Russian vibe, and they will draw attention... but you won't sparkle!
Dark red lips, a little bit of golden eyeshadow or eye pencil, old Hollywood curles in your hair (or braids if you like Russian style... I suggest the braided bun, very cute) and ta-daan, the look is done!

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