Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So yesterday I went to the cinema and watched Woody Allen's new movie, "To Rome with Love" (also known as "Nero fiddled"). I liked it and laughed a lot, but what happened to strike me the most was Greta Gerwig. Not her character, which was ok but kind of plain, but her appereance. I had recently watched Damsel in distress trailer and I remember I had thought she was very pretty in a simple and unfussy way (not much make up, natural elegance, uniqueness etc), but in this movie she's amazing! I really didn't understand why Jesse Eisenberg felt the need to fall in love with Ellen Page's character, I mean she was very pretty, okay, but really pretentious and kind of... bitchy. In the movie Greta wears the best clothes ever, she's got my ideal summer wardrobe- unfortunately, I don't think that style would suit me. I'm definitely more like Ellen Page's character, who mostly wears breezy blouses and cigarette jeans with flats or espadrillas. Greta's style is even simpler: she wears mostly shirts, but in a very casual rather than dressy way (she chooses cotton and linen, she rolls up her sleeves...). She tucks them into pants, which are very casual, too: long, big and kind of floaty. Accessories she incorporates are basic: a very masculine belt, flat sandals and a leather across-the-body bag, perfect to be filled with books (she goes to university). Her colour palette is quite boyish, too: brown, black, white, khaki, light blue (for her shirts), some touches of red... That's exactly how I would like to dress this summer, without too many frills- I spend too much time making up, choosing whether wearing these or those earrings, and sometimes I just feel overdressed or just not at ease. I can't stand seeing all those dolled up girls wearing lace dresses, killer heels and big jewellery. I want a fresher approach to fashion... And Greta is a great starting point (sorry for the calembour)!
 A scene from the beginning of the movie, where Jesse and Greta (I don't really remember their fictional names...) take out Ellen for a stroll around Rome.
 Ellen Page's character typical ouftit.

 Greta Gerwig in another movie, wearing a summery ouftit which I love!
 Greta Gerwig in "Damsels in distress".
 Jesse falling in love with Ellen... Don't do it man!
 On set with Alec Baldwin.
The couple.

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