Thursday, October 14, 2010

I admit it: I still haven't found my personal style. The problem is, I get easily fed up with clothes.. Playing with them is great, but I can't say I wouldn't like to have a style of my own. Okay, I don't like to wear bright colours, especially yellow or red. Okay, I like oversize clothes.Okay, I like tights and oxfords and capes and woolen cardis and clutches. Ok, I like to mix feminine skirts with All Star. But today you can see me wearing black shorts, heart-printed tights, ankle boots and a studded bag; tomorrow I'lle be ladylike, wearing a tube skirt and ballet flats. And the next.. I'll be wearing an AA hoodie with Zara leggings. I hate it! Don't call me superficial, please; I don't like labels, I wouldn't like to fall into a precise category.. I just want some things to be screaming "ME". I keep on admiring other people's style and can't realize what I like.. Also, I'm never okay with myself. If I'm wearing a dress with heels, I wish I had put something more original. If I'm wearing oxfords, I wish I had chosen something more feminine. I'm really confused!

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